Monday, November 1, 2010

Greetings Blogging World!

Hello and Welcome, Blogging World!! 

    Thanks for stopping by!  Please excuse the emptiness of this blog as it is in the very early stages of construction.  I'd like this to be your "go-to" spot for all your Celebrating Home needs.  I hope to show you different styles, recipes, items, and how-to's that will make you and your guests feel welcome and comfortable. 
     I am also in the early stages of becoming a Celebrating Home Designer, and hope to help you make you house the home of your dreams.  The products amd services range from paintings, candles, cookware, seasonal items, fundraisers, parties, and much, much more!  Please check out their website - their products, oppurtunities, and values on the home and workplace are a company that will truly make me proud to represent them.  I'm very excited to get started!

     Since this blog isn't completely up and running, I'd like to quickly introduce myself.  I am a married 27-year-old from Westwood, New Jersey.  My husband and I got married four years ago this December and have an adorable little Boston Terrier named Paulie.  At the moment we live in an apartment at my parents' house, but we are in the middle of buying a home within the same town.  We're very excited and needless to say... can't wait to celebrate our new home!  The idea of having family and friends over and entertaining for them is exciting for us since we have been the visitors for so long. 
     Thanks again for coming by and please keep dropping in - I could really use the support as I slowly construct this blog! 

Happy Celebrating!


sexylegsandbody said...

Hello Linda,

thanks for becoming my BF friend, I do appreciate it, I hope I will see you visit often.

Best wishes on your new blog, I know you will enjoy it.

Hope your getting your own place will go smoothly, and my wish for you is loads of happiness and joy.

Have a lovely day.


Jewel said...

Thanks for the follow, am now following you and I hope your blog will give me some ideas for my own home.

CelebratingHomeWithLinda said...

Hi Jewel and Colin!

Thanks so much for the warm welcome! I hope to make this blog a good one and the support definitely helps!

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