Tuesday, November 2, 2010

PAINT! Where to begin finding a color??

So, we're picking out paint samples and I must admit I was overwhelmed!  I thought this was going to be the easy part, but then I was faced with where to buy the paint, what kind of finish, colors and lighting issues.... and the list went on and on! 

We've narrowed down some colors, but since we're not officially in yet it's hard to see how they will look.  The present owners of the house are great and not living in there anymore, so they said we can take a look if we need to try anything out.  Fingers are crossed!

Anyway, I've found that when you're painting a whole house a $35 can of paint turns into a lot of money when you have to buy multiple colors and cans. It is because of this that I've found there really isn't much of a difference between the paints that are Lowe's and Home Depot brands VS the bigger names like Benjamin Moore or Ralph Lauren.  If you can find a color you like in the more popular names and bring the paint swatch, Lowe's or Home Depot can make it for you or find a color that is comparable to it.

For you iPhone users out there, a good way to begin searching for a color you may like is to download the Benjamin Moore App.  You can take a picture of any color you see and it will come up with matching colors that they make.  It also gives you coordinating colors to use if you're planning to use more than one.  Once y you get the color you can either buy it at a local Benjamin Moore dealer or go to the Benjamin Moore dealer and get a color swatch.  You can take the swatch to Home Depot or Lowe's for a comparable color to save a few extra bucks.  This app is really great and helps a lot.

Whatever color you choose make sure it is one that you love and shows off the personality of the room(s).  Test it out in different lighting, as it can make a huge difference.  Try it in the natural light and whatever lighting used in the room.  Some paint stores allow you to buy samples for about $5 and you can bring it home and paint a small area to see how it will look throughout the day and night.  You can also see how it looks with anything that hangs on your wall, decorations, the floor, and furniture.

Happy Celebrating!


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CelebratingHomeWithLinda said...

Thanks so much for following! I'm in the middle of starting a new career and my husband and I are in the middle of buying a new home. Needless to say life is very exciting at the moment! Hope you enjoy hearing all about it! Thanks so much for following - I'll be sure to return the favor!

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